RIGHT UNDERSTANDING To view the world exactly as it presents itself to the eye, or to the senses. We often categorize things too soon, or have categorical sclerosis (hardening of the categories). For the West, the concept of categories comes from Aristotle’s Work On Logic. When we say a categorical error we are talking about an inappropriate pigeon holing like the weight of a Monday or the colour of sound. We often, if not always, miss what is actually there. As the great teacher said: “Do you see what you see? Do you hear what you hear?” Budo challenges its students to experience everything with a clear mind. As Hanshi Platt says: “When confusion disappears, tranquility comes, When tranquility comes, wisdom appears, When wisdom comes, reality can be seen clearly.” “Seek the silence. Go to that which is behind and beyond Things are not as they seem – and nor are they otherwise.” Lankavatara Sutra “It is not our preferences that cause problems but our attachment to them.” Buddha