Energize Your Life!

Elizabeth Priestman

Wonderful Family-Friendly Karate Program.

Darby Rahme

The instructors are all very knowledgable and supportive.

Bheeshma Ravi

I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to positively contribute to their lives.

A New Way of Living: Create a life you totally love

CMAC Renge Dojo

  • 1423 Yonge St, ground floor
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Canada
  • M4T 1Y7
  • ph - 647.996.4278
  • email - rengedojo@gmail.com

CMAC Yamazakura Dojo

CMAC Enzan

  • 918 Bathurst St.
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Canada
  • M5R 3G5
  • ph – 416.550.4658
  • email - cmacenzan@gmail.com

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