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Grading Results: November 15, 2018

Kobudo: Adults

5th Kyu - Yellow

Cale Honneysett

Karate-Do: Youth

4th Kyu - Orange

Eithan Shilman (Y) (P)

Karate-Do: Children


Georgia Wallace
Ivy Wallace


John Walker
Jay Kathotia
Ava Tumne
Brooklyn Hobson Eminger
Roman Stolyarevskyy
Aleena Ayaz
Artin Shojaei
Ashton Chen
Lara Abu-Ramadan (E)

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Physiotherapy assessment Monday 19 Nov 7.45 at Renge Dojo

By Meghan Smith Physiotherapist, (Hons) KIN, M. ScPT

It is that time of year belt grading is just a few months away, China trip is rapidly approaching, and the end of another year. It is time to deal with those aches and pains, tightness and restrictions, weakness and challenges.
Monday November 19th from 7:45-8:15 I will be coming to Renge Dojo for an informative and practical session addressing the common issues that present in many martial arts students.
Stations will be set up using the foam roller, resistance bands, weights and slant board to help combat tight calves and hips, a stiff spine, weak glutes, shoulders and backs. These are not only key components to optimizing your practice, but also to injury prevention! I will provide demonstration and instructions, allow students to practice the exercises and techniques, provide feedback and answer any questions. And as always, if you are dealing with any injuries or would like further help, I am available for an assessment and treatment at healthfx right around the corner.
I hope to see all of you at the Dojo this Monday at 7.45!
Please visit our online booking page at
If you wish to cancel, change, or book an appointment via phone please call  416 960-4689

Joan Mlynarczyk Clinical Director, Advance Manual Physiotherapist M.A.,B.ScPT.,F.C.A.M.T

Meghan Smith Physiotherapist, (Hons) KIN, M. ScPT

Patrice Wilson Massage Therapist RMT

Keenan Layton Physiotherapist, MPT

Healthfx Sports Medicine Gr.
39 Pleasant Blvd. Toronto, ON, M4T 1K2
416 960-4689
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Every Minute Zen

Zen students are with their masters at least ten years before they presume to teach others. Nan-in was visited by Tenno, who, having passed his apprenticeship, had become a teacher. The day happened to be rainy, so Tenno wore wooden clogs and carried an umbrella.

After greeting him, Nan-in remarked, “I suppose you left your wooden clogs in the vestibule. I want to know if your umbrella is on the right or left side of the clogs.”

Tenno, confused, had no instant answer. He realized that he was unable to carry his Zen every minute. He became Nan-in’s pupil and he studied six more years to accomplish his Every Minute Zen.