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Push up progressions

Joan has produced this for us,
Please look it over and let me know if you have any questions.

Push up progressions 1

1.  Standing incline - to test starting position and determine push up incline angle find a surface you can put your hands on like a railing or table or ledge. 
2. Position up on toes, choose an incline and see if you can keep straight body aligned while performing a push up 
3. Must have zero shoulder pain
4. Requires good rotator cuff strength 
5. Requires good first  toe extension and no foot pain
6. Requires moderate truck control 
7. Requires good scapular control 
8. Must be pain free 25 reps prior to moving to the next progression 
9. Check with your physiotherapist if you are not able to perform this pain free

Push up progressions 2

1. On the floor, position hands, elbows pointing down, knees on the floor and tips of feet down 
2. With trunk straight and head aligned, push up keeping your knees in contact with the floor and tips of feet down
3. Must be pain free and with good alignment 25 times before moving to next progression
4. Check with your physiotherapist if you are not able to perform this exercise pain free

Push up progression 3 

1. On floor, position hands and feet. 
2. With trunk straight and head in alignment  push up on to your knees, 
3. Once up with extended knees, head and trunk aligned, lower your straight body slowly to the floor 
4. Must be pain free and with good alignment from head to toes before moving to next progression
5. Must complete 25 quality reps
6. Requires good rotator cuff and trunk strength to perform this correctly and safely
7. Check with your physiotherapist if you cannot perform this exercise without pain

Push up progression 4 

1. On floor, position hands and feet 
2. Retract scapula and trunk muscles before you lift off into a push up
3. With trunk and knees and head straight and in alignment, push up with a controlled slow movement and lower chest to floor or 2 inches from the floor 
4. Repeat 25 times 
5. Must be pain free and in good alignment 25 times prior to moving to the next progression 
6. Check with your physiotherapist is you have any pain or are unable to maintain your straight alignment 

Progression 5 

1. Set up for a push up with elbows pointing down, up onto the tips of your toes, head aligned with trunk, hips and knees
2. Stabilize your scapula by packing them down, this prevents  your upper back from rounding round or collapsing , brace your abs and glutes before performing a push up 
3. Drive up, extending your elbows, maintaining proper alignment and down to chest touch down and repeat at a 1:1 tempo
4. Requires excellent rotator cuff strength and excellent scapular stability and excellent trunk strength. 
5. Must be pain free and performed only if alignment to maintained throughout the push up movement.
6. Consult with your physiotherapist if painful or if you are unable to maintain proper alignment

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How to Meditate The Right Way For Best Results …FT Dr Joe Dispenza

When most people awake in the morning, they don’t remember their dreams because they jump right back into the program of all the things they need to do that day.
They immediately go from delta, which is deep sleep, straight up the brain wave scale to beta, which is thinking and performing tasks.
In the process, they don’t have time to slowly transition and gradually climb the ladder of consciousness from delta, to theta, to alpha, to beta. I wanted to give our students enough time to linger in the subconscious states of alpha and theta so that they could begin to awaken the circuity and neuropathways responsible for dream recollection.
We’re cultivating these skills for two main reasons.


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The Divine Romance

You are born with about seventy-five percent of your life predetermined by your past.
You will make up the remaining twenty-five percent.

If you yourself, through your own free choice and effort of will, do not determine what that twenty-five percent will be, the seventy-five percent will make the twenty-five percent for you, and you will become a puppet.
That is, you will be ruled absolutely by your past, by the influence and effects of your past tendencies.

This is why spiritual training is vital.
It takes into consideration not only the seventy-five percent of our lives that we already are, but also designates the methods to mold the brand new twenty-five percent that we ourselves are going to create by the exercise of our freedom.

Paramahansa Yogananda
The Divine Romance