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When the Fight is Won, It’s Time to Celebrate!

When the Fight is Won, It’s Time to Celebrate!

Which is where Scottish Highland Dance originated. After the battle was over, warriors would toss down their targe (shield) and dance on it, being careful to avoid the spike in the middle. From these ancient origins we now have the Highland Fling. The fling is the first dance everyone learns and becomes the foundation upon which other dances are built -> like Taikyoko gedan! It’s also the dance you’ve probably tried to imitate when you hear a celtic song at a club / wedding / dance party…

Growing up dancing, I came to the dojo to learn the fighting arts side of the equation. And now I’m thrilled to be able to bring the Celebration side to the dojo, with the Cuimhnich Celtic Dancers.

We begin October first learning the Highland Fling – one of the original celebration dances. This first session is 5-weeks long, for all age’s and abilities. And we’ll wrap up our last week with a friendly in-house competition, your choice if you invite friends and family to watch! … Sword Dance comes next…

Reach out to Shannon at Shannon@ShannonMPole for details for new & experienced dancers. Classes begin October 1st at 6:15pm for all ages, virtual and in-person options available. Session & Term memberships available. Discount available for current dojo members.

To Your Bloomabilities,

Shannon Pole

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Tipping Over a Water Vase

Hyakujo wished to send a monk to open a new monastery. He told his pupils that whoever answered a question most ably would be appointed. Placing a water vase on the ground, he asked: “Who can say what it is without calling its name?”

The chief monk said: “No one can call it a wooden shoe.”

Isan, the cooking monk, tipped over the vase with his foot and went out.

Hyakujo smiled and said: “The chief monk loses.” And Isan became the master of the new monastery.

Mumon’s Comment: Isan was brave enough, but he could not escape Hyakujo’s trick. After all he gave up a light job and took a heavy one. Why, can’t you see, he took off his comfortable hat and placed himself in iron socks.

Giving up cooking utensils,

Defeating the chatterbox,

Though the teacher set a barrier for him

His feet will tip over everything, even Buddha.