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A few words from some students and parents about their experience at Martial Arts Toronto:

“This is the best thing! Parents everywhere should just sign their children up!”


“I like how the emphasis of the training is not geared toward competition, but rather the quality student growth”


“A great turning point in my life was the day I signed my two boys up for Karate. I decided to join too. I was 40 years old. That was 16 years ago and I now train up to 20 hours a week. In the early days my business kept me away about half the time, but our Sensei (teacher) was very accomodating. He has now coached me through my 3rd Dan (Degree) of which I am very proud. It is invigorating to have a great teacher and leader in your life–which you will have if you join Martial Arts Toronto.”
~Adult, aged 56

“I am 69 years old and have been training at Martial Arts Toronto for 8 years now. I do recommended for anyone regardless of age. The training that Martial Arts Toronto offers is excellent, physically and mentally. I found that even at my age, my flexibility improved just by doing Tai Chi.”

“I decided to do karate along with my son for many reasons; initially for the workout as I needed to be more active again and as an opportunity to spend more time with my son and have something in common that we could do together.

I’ve studied Karate in the past, and I know that Karate-do is a journey to become a better person and it also builds up your confidence and self-esteem as you progress.

Martial Arts Toronto has 3 great dojo and Sensei Williams is helping immensely to accomplish my goals!”

Student and Parent

“…Approximately 21 years ago I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. I was told that I had only several months to live. Fortunately I began my training with Sensei in Niei Chi: Tai Chi Chuan, Ba Gwa Chang and Chi Gung. It was time to rid my body and mind of the poisons that had manifested themselves. It was time to replenish, to rejuvenate. I was on the path of self-discovery and enlightenment. This path saved my life and changed it forever. I was taking charge of my health, developing my vital energy, reawakening my desire to forge ahead and grow.

My ongoing training in Niei Chi opens the door to continued opportunity, hope, and infinite learning. I recommend this to anyone with the desire to take a proactive role in healing and maintaining balance in their physical, mental and spiritual lives…”

“While many dojos may have a breadth of material to study, few often have the depth of application of that material into a realistic framework. Fewer still have both breadth and depth – Martial Arts Toronto has that and more. Through a supportive environment, I have progressed not only in the martial arts, but also in life. As with life, balance of the hard and soft is essential; such is the training found at Martial Arts Toronto.”

~Adult Student, aged 31

“I originally join this dojo to learn self defence. Over the last 2 years, I have learned how to defend myself, be more focused, channel my energy constructively and became stronger physically and emotionally. Sensei Patrice Williams and Sensei Simonetta Mariani are excellent teachers! They have very different styles of teaching which allows learn things from two different perspectives and really gain a wealth of knowledge. The nice thing is that you have two dojos that you can attend! Renge at Yonge and St. Clair and Yamazakura at Bathurst and Eglinton! Anyways, if you keep open minded and you can learn a great deal about yourself, others and your family! Dive in and change your life!”
~ Student, aged 30

“I started training at Martial Arts Toronto when I was 12 years old. Nearly 13 years later, I am still training and achieving my goals!

In a class of it’s own, Martial Arts Toronto provides high calibre Martial Arts training with an emphasis on balancing mind- body- spirit. From Karate-Do, Tai Chi, to Kobudo (Ancient Weapons), there is a discipline for everyone.

Whether you’re hoping to get fit or stay fit, Sensei will assist you with meeting your individual goals!”

~Student, aged 27

“The benefits of training at Martial Arts Toronto Renge and Yamazakura dojos extend well beyond getting into great physical shape and learning self-defence. In the last five years I have gained better health, improved self-confidence, better emotional stability and a greater sense of balance and happiness in my life. I’ve seen improvements in relationships with family and friends, increased clarity at work and better discipline to take life’s challenges head on! I am deeply grateful to the kindness, patience, and generosity of Sensei Williams and Sensei Mariani, who are tirelessly devoted to helping their students and have given me endless support along the way.

If you are interested in the Martial Arts, getting into shape, or interested in trying something new, I definitely recommend training at Martial Arts Toronto. It has truly changed my life for the better!”

~Student, aged 29

Training at Martial Arts Toronto provides you with a sophisticated, well-rounded martial arts education, which comes with extraordinary personal health and self defense benefits. Equally important is what this training will teach you about yourself; applying the principles of martial arts to other aspects of your life is a major catalyst for self-improvement.”
~Student, aged 22

More than the gym, Martial Arts Toronto training at a dojo is an education. Fitness is extended beyond the body, developing confidence and self-discipline, and cultivating the energy needed to embark on those adventures you might otherwise let pass you by.

Start your adventure NOW!

~Student, aged 36

“Martial Arts Toronto is an incredible martial arts centre! Martial Arts Toronto training allows you to get fit while learning self protection, as well as relaxation techniques, stress reduction, meditation as well as how to develop your power along with the traditional martial arts values of discipline, respect and compassion. Martial Arts Toronto is about fitness, self defence and so much more. I started with Martial Arts Toronto 11 years ago and have never looked back!”
~ ~Student, aged 54