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The Journey to Optimum Health is the Destination

by M. Ann Phillips, PhD

Those of us who train as martial artists know that the way [to self development, to a black belt, etc] is in training. What many people don’t realize is that the way to optimum health is also in training -- in training ourselves to eat properly and live a healthy lifestyle, training ourselves to seek balance and harmony within, in involving ourselves in some type of physical training and in training ourselves to find the right supports to facilitate healing, promote health, prevent dis-ease and cure illness. Each individual must ultimately take responsibility for ensuring that his/her health is the best it can be. It is important to find the right health care practitioners -- physicians, naturopaths, physiotherapists, nutritionists, health promoters, therapists, Osteopaths, Registered Massage Therapists, EFT Practitioners, hypnotherapy, and Result Coaches who will work together with you on your path to health, vitality and wellness.

If for you, the journey to being the healthiest you can be is also the destination, then the path should lead you to the Neighbourhood Wellness Clinic. At the Neighbourhood Wellness Clinic you can find a group of 6 Practicioners whose complimentary services will provide you with a wide variety of tools to facilitate your quest for better health. You are welcome to come in and sample our healing services.