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Introducing RMT At Neighbourhood Wellness Clinic In Renge Dojo

Patrice Wilson is a graduate of Sutherland-Chan ‘04 and a member of the College for Massage Therapist. She is a gifted Manual Practitioner and has always been interested in an alternative approach to health care. Her focus is to assess and treat postural and musculoskeletal imbalances, to correct these stresses and strains using deep tissue and manual soft tissue techniques. Her methods are to help prevent and maintain optimal health and mobility.

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Cheryl Lewin, RMT, Counsellor

This October will mark the 20th anniversary of my entrance into the profession of Registered Massage Therapy. I have had the great pleasure of working in so many varied environments.

I began working in spa environments in hotels in Toronto initially and this is where I built my stamina. I enjoyed meeting clients from all over the world, some would become regular clients along with locals who enjoyed the other amenities that came with hotel spa environments. I soon craved to expand my clinical experience and worked with excellent physiotherapists at a rehabilitation clinic that treated the municipal firefighters, nurses and police force in the Durham region.

Martial arts entered my life and from there I worked for myself through the Dojo’s Neighbourhood Wellness Clinic. As my training increased so did my confidence and I achieved great success ascertaining employment on the sets of feature films and television series.

In 2006 I had the opportunity to move to Hong Kong to work as an RMT and taught Goju Ryu Karate to expat students from the French International School, Mount Carmel, Island School and Woodlands Preschool. I became a mother in 2009 and returned to Canada. I decided to expand upon my knowledge of somatically stored trauma and enrolled and completed a Diploma of Psychotherapy. I continue my studies in this field and am in the process to attain the title of Registered Psychotherapist. My experience of working with the body and my deeper understanding of neuroplasticity, emotions and the mind work to inform my unique approach to health and healing.

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Eldon Wingay, RMT

Eldon Wingay, RMT is a Registered Massage Therapist since 2008 who treats Pain and Posture Problems, Injury Rehab, Muscle Weaknesses and Imbalances, Flexibility, Mobility, Speed Strength and Top Performance. Eldon is the founder of Active Balancing Therapy (ABT) a dynamic Neuro-Myo-Fascial Soft Tissue Bodywork-Movement Method very effective for many musculoskeletal pain problems such as for your Back, Neck, Shoulder, Head, Arm, Chest, Pelvis, Core, Abs, Butt, Hip, Knee, Leg, Ankle, Feet, Movement Pain, Weakness and Shape Control.

Previously Eldon practiced Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for many years before creating and transitioning to using this simple, revolutionary Soft Tissue Bodywork-Movement Method. Eldon has also created a Qigong-Yoga movement form called Spring Life Qigong-Yoga.

Active Balancing Therapy (ABT) is good for your Health, Wellness, Fitness and Top Performance. For more information see Call/text Eldon at 416-801-9090 for a FREE 10 Minute Consultation or Demonstration to find out how this new Bodywork-Movement Method can help YOU now.