Tired of days with no clear breaks? Wishing there were other people to share a conversation with? Missing being outside? Join the Tea Party! When I was in University, it was weekly Outdoor Club meetings that kept me sane through the rigours of engineering classes. Even when we stayed indoors, sharing the company of like minded people and planning trips was a much needed balm for my soul. And today I crave those moments even more. Times to step out from your home world and connect with other humans who need the same things - community, nature, variety... and an end to the never ending work day. Each week you're invited to join the party! Socialize, share you frustrations, be heard & then calm the crazy with guided hypnotherapy before getting back to your work day! RSVP for the Party Here: http://www.shannonmpole.ca/tea-time/ Note: This is a co-created event where you are invited to up as your human self, connecting as the god or goddess you are - sharing, supporting and lifting everyone other up. Coming together to have a social moment in this sea of uncertainty. I'll set the space and as a group we will let the conversation flow.