Do you find it hard to sit comfortably on the floor when you meditate? Hi everyone, Sensei asked me to say something about my company and why I started it as he thought it may be helpful for those who are interested in meditating but find it difficult to sit on the floor comfortably. A long time meditator, I saw so many people give up or get discouraged because they felt they couldn't meditate - often because the cushion wasn't tall enough or they hadn't found the right posture for their body. So I started a company – - that makes bigger meditation cushions that make it easier for people of different heights, ages, and levels of flexibility to sit straight naturally. It wasn't enough to make them bigger though, as a designer I wanted to make them better - high quality and by hand, and beautiful to inspire people - a portable sanctuary that works in your home, office and retreat spaces. As soon as we began making cushions, I realized that we needed to educate people about posture and cushions and how to get started. Offering private & group consultations, I have helped thousands of people find the right posture and support to meditate comfortably and successfully. It is so exciting when we sit with people and see their faces light up - "ah, ha - I can do this!" Everyone’s Body is different  As part of our educational outreach we have created a SIZE & POSTURE GUIDE on our website to help you choose the cushion & posture that is right for you. You can also watch a short video I made about different postures and cushions. Learn How to Sit Comfortably when you meditation Video For more information, please visit our website or contact us at We are happy to offer you a 10% off all your purchases in December 2021 with the discount code: Dojo. We look forward to hearing from you. Julie Julie Jarvis, Founder & Designer of REALthings  meditation cushions in Toronto.