This is the last blog-post for this yoga series to improve Zenkutsu dachi and release lower back pain. Take your time going through the previous poses before you come into one legged king pigeon, the deepest stretch of this series. This pose reaches deep into hip flexors (psoas muscles), stretches the groins, gluts and outer legs. As difficult and painful this pose can be, it is also one of the most powerful poses in yoga. Be patient with yourself as it may take some time to get comfortable in this pose. Use your breathing to open tightness, and as always be observant of your mind and emotions. We hold a lot of emotions at our hips, especially women. It’s where our fears, traumas and worries get trapped in. So be open to whatever may come up without any judgement. Come to a complete stillness of mind and body, relaxing the face and shoulders. With each breath allow your body to feel heavy and visualize realising all that is un-pure down towards the earth. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure your body is warmed up before getting into stretches. Move slowly and mindfully at all times. Feeling tight muscle pain is normal but having sharp pain is NOT! Always listen to your body. Start with poses 1-4
  From downward dog position bring your right knee towards your right hand and place your knee on the floor, extend your left leg back making sure your left heel is aligned with your left hip. Your right shin is almost parallel to the front of your mat. If this is too much, bring your foot closer to your hip. Press your hands firmly on both sides of the hips, pull shoulders back, lengthen the spine up and expand your chest forward. Make sure your hips are not falling on one side or the other.     Hold for few breaths then keeping the length of the spine walk your hands forward and slowly lower your self down on your elbows or all the way down. Breathe deeply and relax here for 30 sec. up to 5 minutes. To come out of this posture, tuck your back toes under and press on your hands to push the hips up to downward dog, shake your leg off, let your circulation come back to normal then change sides. 10 minutes of stretching will help you achieve better posture; longer stances, high kicks and most importantly prevent injuries. Namaste! By Kohai Savas