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Yoga Flow

Warrior’s Yoga Flow is a well balanced fusion of Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga. This class is designed to support Martial Arts Training through emphasizing mind body connection, mindfulness, conscious breathing, controlled movement and energy flow.

Small class sizes allow a semi private experience, personal attention and custom tailored practice. Advanced yoga poses such as hand balances, binds and inversions are suggested for advanced students.

Ece Savas is a life long yoga practitioner, certified yoga teacher since 2015 and a second degree Black Belt in KarateDo at our dojo since 2012.

Yoga Flow


  • Builds strength and creates strong and lean muscles
  • Improves flexibility and balance
  • Increases oxygenation of the blood; therefore, calms nerves, reduces stress and relieves anxiety
  • Improves posture and body awareness
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Focuses the mind and promotes clarity of thought
  • Draws attention inwards and promotes introspection, helping to resolve conflict
  • Promotes positive thinking, unity, happiness and compassion
Yoga Flow


No previous Yoga or Martial Arts experience is required; however, we recommend students to be in active physical shape.

Semi Private Classes
(up to 6 students per class)

Drop-in: $ 25
10 Class Pass: $ 220
By booking only!


3 Month: $ 275

6 Month: $ 550

1 Year: $ 995

Please add taxes to the prices above.

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Martial Arts Toronto

Warrior’s Yoga Flow is a dynamic fusion of Martial Arts forms and classical Hatha Style Vinyasa Flow. Classes support martial artists in their training and is also beneficial for those not involved in martial arts. The classes utilize breathing and flowing movements to facilitate the flow of energy throughout the entire body. It is great for opening up tightness around hips, chest, neck and shoulders, strengthening the core and increasing mobility along the spine. When practiced regularly Warrior’s Yoga Flow will gently tone your body, increase flexibility, balance and control. It is a great way of improving your overall health.

This class is suitable for beginners who are willing to work hard, intermediate and advanced students.

Classes are available on demand. Register now and save your spot!

Instructor Ece Savas

Ece Savas

10+ years of yoga & meditation practitioner and second degree black belt in Goju Style Karate-Do, Ece completed her 200hr Yoga Teachers Training Certificate in Classical Hatha and Vinyasa Styles with School of Yoga Institute, under Larry Thraen and Mindi Batson, in January 2014. She has started her teaching career at the Martial Arts Toronto School where she is currently training under Sensei Patrice Williams.

Due to her double practice Ece developed her unique Vinyasa approach focusing on certain yoga poses and adding movements inspired from Shaolin style KungFu to complement the martial arts training. Helping students achieve the strength and flexibility they desire for their health and better movement. When practiced regularly the flowing postures with the breath intended to take the person to a deeper, mindful state where the body and mind connects. Her teaching style is soft but strong, dynamic, playful, well balanced and spiritual.

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