The Ultimate goal of Budo, (Martial arts), is to move us towards enlightenment. Enlightenment is defined as the extinguishing of the Ego. Of course this part of us, is therefore is abjectly opposed to this quest. Unfortunately this is also the part of us that if left unchecked, manifests our reality. As the Bhagavad Gita suggests,  a well controlled mind is a good friend,  but an untamed one is our worst enemy. So what is to be done? One solution is found in the Approach of Budo.

Hapo Fukedo mo Dozezo.

Even if the 8 winds blow,

Typhoons roar,

The 2 worlds collide,

I, remain unshakable.

  Easier said than done of course. If we set our mind to do something -  we do it come hell or high-water! This intransigence, (As it may seem to non Budo Ka),  and unwillingness to accept excuses, (Or again, to the “strag" an unreasonable perseverance in the face of perfectly understandable life occurrences),  leads to the a different manifestation in one’s reality. Because each time one overcomes one of such obstacles, it moves us closer to being in control of the manifestation of our reality. Therefore the Ego will stop manifesting these situations, because it is only serving to further our agenda of our movement towards enlightenment.

The spell of Prajnaparamita, ( study/meditation in deep wisdom),  from the Lotus Sutra

Gate,                   Onwards,

Gate,                   Onwards,

Paragate,          Forever Onwards,

Parasmgate,    To Eternal,

Bhodisvaha.     Enlightenment.