Today marks our third year celebrating World Down Syndrome Day. This year we saw the further need to advocacy groups to raise awareness for both individuals, and families of those with Down Syndrome.  This year in Toronto we experienced issues with police officers mocking and making fun of individuals with this condition.  An online campaign raised close to 100,000 signatures petitioning against a Netflix comedy that makes fun of the word “retarded” and individuals with Tri 21. This is the age of social awareness.  We experienced the #METOO movement, and social media campaigns showed the world that they have a stronger voice than ever. Hopefully this strong voice of social awareness transcends to special needs groups such as those with Down Syndrome.  As we continue to stand for equality in moments where needed, we hope that at at every step we can change at least one person’s view and perspective along the way.   This year we delivered a box of crayons to our daughter’s daycare for every child in her class. On the box there is the message: We are a box of crayons Each of us unique But when we get together The picture is complete We hope that this is a message that will resonate with a child as they grow, so that in future generations, those with special needs are looked at just like everyone else; Because we are all different in this world, and we are all equals. Happy World Down Syndrome Day Kohai Otanez