Hips Need To Move

Just like every other part of our bodies, our hips require regular movement loads in order to stay healthy. They’re HUGE joints designed to handle a ton of walking and squatting every single day. They looooove moving. And if you’re like many of us, your hips have been squashed into a 90 degree chair angle for most hours of most days of your entire life. That means they’re probably weak, limited in their range of motion, and seriously underfed (because movement feeds cells). Poor hips. Poor us!

How Floor Sitting Can Give You Better Hips

Now, there are lots of ways to work on our hips but I think floor sitting is a big one that many of us overlook. Floor sitting is SUCH a simple, no time required way to give our hips TONS more movement. This happens in two ways:

Floor Sitting Transitions = Body Weight Workout Every Day

First, we have to get down and up from the floor. This is a full bodyweight movement that requires all kinds of angles and mobility from our hips. If you get up and down 20 times a day, that’s a lot of extra movement goodness that you don’t even notice as you’re doing it.

Floor Sitting Positions = Movement Variety

Second, when we’re on the ground instead of a chair, we have so many more shapes we can make with our legs. That provides all kinds of different angles and loads for our hips. And movement variety is what hips crave!

Give Floor Sitting A Try

There’s no need for you to take my word for this – try floor sitting out for yourself and see what you think. I taught this as a Live class for my Take10 Movement Coaching students and I think you’ll enjoy it. Make sure to have a few cushions or blankets around (and a half round foam roller if you have one). This class is about 34 minutes long and will give you lots of ways to explore the world of floor sitting.