If we take a good look at our lives, if we are honest with ourselves, we will find that life can be like a masquerade party where we hide our faces, never showing our true selves. We change who we are being from moment to moment, as if we were changing masks. Which masks do you choose to wear? When confronted with any situation that feels uncomfortable. That may trigger us, or cause us to dig deep, which mask do we put on? For example, if we are arguing with a spouse or partner, who are we beings, which mask do we put on? Do we wear the mask of the young child who’s looking for their parent’s approval? Or the mask of the 20-year-old who just wants a partner because they don’t want to be alone? Or is it the mask of the 40-year-old who doesn’t want to be divorced? Remember all of these aspects or personas do not reside here in the 3D present reality. Or can we proudly wear the mask of the person standing there in the now moment that knows the truth of who they are? Which mask do you put on? Only you can decide that. When we can answer from our higher selves, responding to that persons ranting from a place of knowing, when we can say, “In this moment, I know who I am right now, and this situation is not OK. Or you may be able to see clearly that the situation is not at all about you, but about the person creating the problem and then act as a loving partner in support. Either way, we can then sit with the fact that we actually made a conscious decision based on who we are, in that moment. That’s the gift of consciousness, living your life from who you are in every given moment without going into the past or projecting into the future. Often, when you’re working with your family, the stuff that you are reacting to is the stuff from when you were a child. However, you are now in your 40’s and you’re still habitually doing your five-year-old stuff, often still looking at it from a Five-Year-Old’s perspective. Can you let go of that habit and respond from the vantage point of the person you are today in this moment. This is loving yourself, giving yourself permission to be who you truly are, no masks, no pretences. Being yourself gives you the best chance at learning what it is you came here to learn and being the complete person you came here to be. Love of self is a massive part of our awakening, it is fulfilment and it is a new way of living. Welcome to A New Way of Living Algernon Williams