Most of us have never developed a strong enough mind to truly self-reflect, to ask the question, “What is true for me now?” “What am I telling myself in this moment?” “What have I told myself for the last decade?” Those questions are the beginning of self-reflection and this Inquiry builds the muscle of self-realization. As we do, we realize that we are telling ourselves the same old story. The story that says, “I am wrong, or they are wrong” or “I or they should be punished” or “I or they should be somewhere else or doing something else.”
There are many layers of feelings in place to stop us from seeing our own core wounds. It is this array of feelings underneath the storyline, that energize and keep the storyline active. When you can sit with the feelings without the stories, we can directly experience whatever is here. We may discover sadness under fear or anger under grief. There’s no correct agenda for what we may find. In our willingness to directly experience what is appearing without telling any story about it, we will develop a deep strength. We will experience our true heart, our pure beingness, radiant and always free. AN ENQUIRY INTO SELF Take 5 to 10 minutes for each question. Ask yourself the question repeatedly and write down all the responses that arise. Don’t edit yourself or judge your responses. You don’t need to show your responses to anyone. • What are you telling yourself? • What judgments do you have about yourself and others? • Is it possible in this very moment to stop telling the story and simply open to the feelings that are here? What is true for you right now? • What must change for you to be fulfilled? • Are you willing to be fulfilled this very moment even if nothing changes? Welcome to A New Way of Living By Algernon Williams