In a weird way we entertain ourselves with our suffering, by finding problems, owning our complications.
As humans in this 3D reality we enjoy suffering. We come together to share our suffering. Even to compete to see who the biggest sufferer is. We say things like “Well, you think that was bad wait till I tell you what happened to me.”
It’s a strange human ability that we can be both the subject and the object of our suffering at the same time. We can both enjoy the fact that we have suffered while experiencing all the hurt that suffering from our own drama brings us.
It can become an addiction, a subconscious plea for power as it gives us permission to focus entirely on ourselves. Which in itself is not a bad thing except in this case we focus on what is not wanted, what we see as wrong, what we hate and what we fear.
What if we could let go of the idea of suffering all together. If we could take back the power we have given it. Can we ask ourselves what is true for us in this moment? And if we are not in danger in this now moment, can we realize that if we are still suffering, this precious suffering only then exists in the worries about the past and in the anxieties of the future.
Can we in that moment loose it all, not just the suffering but our success, our failures, our truths, our practices, our quests for enlightenment, everything.
If we can let go of all of that what is left?
Can we simply be with what ever is in front of us in that moment and be OK with it. Can we be willing to lose it all and allow our minds to be free.
It is in this state of freedom that we are free to ask questions and receive enlightened answers. To dive into true self enquiry. When we can simplify the narrative that is constant in our minds we can return to a very simple profound sense of ourselves as simply being, we are left with a feeling of peace.
Welcome to A New Way of Living by Algernon Williams