As we race toward 2020 we find ourselves unwinding and then re-forming into something completely new.
This unwinding process exposes those entrenched feelings that we ignored, suppressed and held deep within us to start to surface, a necessary part of the process of transitioning to 5D where we are no longer bound by the realities / stories of the past. Many of us have undergone this many times before as we endeavour to bring this new light into form. However, how we experience it can vary tremendously. Our experience is determined by how conscious and aware we are. If we can be aware and even a bit excited while keeping prominent in our minds that our physical bodies are simply releasing old discordant frequencies. And that this (by our request) was intentionally triggered by comic light compelling us to vibrate higher. We will find it much easier to honour the process and allow what is ready to surface to be released, without getting caught up in our old stories. Surrender to it, express gratitude as it works its magic on our consciousness. This acceptance makes the process different, easier. Instead of the pain and struggle we experience a sleepy, dreamy, daze of higher activations, as the energies grow in frequency and consistency, washing away the density of the old Self. The 5D transition is one out of duality into unity consciousness as a way of Living. As we move closer to 2020 we are glimpsing some of what will be possible and available to us. It is now up to us to recognise and begin to live accordingly. This is where we are at present, like new-borns, just birthed, but in adults bodies, walking around creating realities and learning everything from scratch, as we discover the rules in a 5D world are very different. It is a new way of living to be fully connected again and awakening to everything anew, a remembered reality that comes from deep within us. Welcome to a New Way of Living by Algernon Williams