…AGAIN…Again...again. Ohayō gozaimasu - Good Morning. O Genki desuka? - how are you?  I trust that this finds you and you families, happy and healthy.  As they say in London, It’s all been 'bleedin swings and roundabouts mate’! But here we ,back again. Rather like Steve Austin,(The Bionic one, not the wrestler), better than before! We are back to having classes at the Dojo, as of Monday January 31st. We have expanded again, both changing rooms we now have 2 each for men and women with added ventilation added a new warm up area to the already expanded two Dojo areas. we have added a 4th Dyson air purifier, So although we are limited to 50% capacity, we will, in actuality be operating at closer to 33%. Of course, As before, everyone attending classes needs to be double vaccinated.   The schedule for All Class remains the same. https://martialartstoronto.ca/student-resources/class-schedule/   See you soon! Gambate Sensei