In these times when any and everything can and is being brought up to the surface to be cleared and released. It is important for all of us to try as hard as we can to remain neutral. To feel what comes up with our entire being. To experience it fully so that it can be released.
BUT! And here is the hard part, without pointing fingers, finding blame, looking for causes and solutions. Some of these feelings are from times and maybe even lives long gone. They have come up in this present time to leave us, but their roots may not be from this present moment.
There is really nothing to be done about them. What we can do is to find our place of peace and love as best as we can in that moment. (Yes, exceedingly difficult in the middle of a trigger), but our task is to try as hard as possible to resist the call of our habitual reactions of fighting back, blaming, criticizing, judging, or falling into victimhood.
This is our time to find our strength and courage to stay conscious in the hard moments. To make different choices, to choose to respond in a neutral manner, or with no response at all. It’s OK to walk away, to sit by yourself and just feel. In time, we will be able to meet adversity with love but until we get there, let’s work on being neutral and finding our own quiet place to feel and watch our triggers float by.
One interaction at a time, one trigger at a time, one choice at a time we change our frequency, our energy, our being, our behaviour, and our world.
Welcome to a new way of living!