Right Effort is to exert oneself to develop wholesome qualities and release unwholesome qualities. Budo asks us to be diligent in the study and practice of that which will awaken us to our innate enlightenment.  We are to keep moving forward, to avoid laziness, and indulgence. It takes constant effort to propel forward along the path.  When we breathe in and out with mindfulness and with peace in our heart, this is right effort and diligence. CONCEPT 1: Turn Thought into Action
  • RIGHT EFFORT is a combination of thought and action. 
  • It’s not just putting the thought out there and dreaming or manifesting it, you have to put the work and effort in to make it happen. 
Remember — Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.  What does that mean? Anyone can have a great idea or be inspired - that is the 1% of the journey.  Success does not come without commitment, focus and earnest effort.  Commitment is when you do something even after the mood you made the commitment in has subsided.  Commitment is effort, and with constant effort and doing what is necessary is the path to success. CONCEPT 2: Selective Watering of the Seeds Everyone close their eyes for a moment. Now imagine you have a handful of seeds, seeds - wholesome and unwholesome seeds. <name a few> With RIGHT EFFORT we consciously choose which seeds we want to water.   It is a daily choice of choosing to water the wholesome seeds, to improve yourself and grow.  Visualize watering the wholesome seed of ______ and _________ now watch it grow, it pokes through the earth, the stem grows upwards, the buds appear and now with more watering it turns into a beautiful flower, but if you watered an unwholesome seed it will grow into a weed - we get to decide which one we want to fill our garden/our mind with.