WARRIOR SPIRIT CIRCLE Week Two: Discovering Your Unique Character Strengths

Knowing our inner strengths is a key part of building confidence, self-esteem and resilience. The great thing about strengths is you can build and create new character strengths. Practicing our strengths often, will make us stronger and get us closer to knowing ourselves better. 

What is a character strength?

A strength is an activity that makes you feel strong on the inside. It is something that energizes you. 

A strength is not just something that you are good at. That’s a skill. 

A strength has 3 components to it:
  1. We are good at it 
  2. We feel great doing it
  3. We want to do it
3 Ways to Discover Your Strengths:
  1. Try new things - but don’t quit after the first time you try it. You really won’t know if it’s a strength of yours if you quit after your first attempt. Trying something once is an experience, give it some time to hone your skills so you can then really see if it can develop into one of your strengths. Remember no one builds a muscle by just going to the gym once. 
  2. Look at the things you love to do. Perhaps you love video games, awesome! So ask yourself, what do you love about playing them? For instance, if you enjoy playing Sonic, a racing style of video game, then you could be someone who has a character strength of perseverance. Take a moment and reflect on where else in your life do you have a lot of perseverance? 
  3. Acknowledge the feelings you are having. In situations that bring you joy and inner satisfaction, consider the feelings you are having.  Dig in and reflect on what is it about that experience made you feel the way you did?  

See the Wheel of 24 Character Strengths below and find what strengths ignites positive feelings around it.  


Final Thoughts:

We are all unique with our own set of strengths, that is what makes up our own individual person. There is no right or wrong to our strengths, and we can choose what they are. 

Maybe you are strong at being FAIR, but you need a bit of support to be more CURIOUS. 

Strengths are something we take with us during our lifetime and we can choose what strengths we want for our life right now. 

Watch here for more about our unique Character Strengths. 


By Kohai Dianne Hadad

3rd Degree Black Belt, Renge Dojo

Certified Professional Coach, SHINE, Family Wellness Club

SHINE Family Wellness Club creates a space for all members of the family to interconnect, grow and share with like-minded spirited people seeking to elevate the family’s consciousness, build confidence and resilience so they can enjoy a harmonious and vibrant life journey together. 

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