Mistakes Are Just Proof We Are Trying Making mistakes is part of the learning process of life. This learning process is about trying new things, falling down, getting back up and trying again. When we try again, we learn from the previous mistakes to find our way forward to a better outcome.  Mistakes play an important role in our development, they are essential for learning, they help our brain grow, and also making a mistake is proof we are trying and putting the effort in to learn and grow.   Sometimes we may feel afraid to try something new because we might fail or worry we will make a mistake. At times we may only want to do it if there is no pains, no struggle, no fuss. With this attitude you miss out on life and it is limiting one’s growth potential. Instead a Warrior Spirit mindset would be courageous to try something new, make mistakes and learn from them.  In class there are two types of mistakes, the first is the mistake we make when we shunt. To shunt in karate terms is to lack true effort, focus, awareness and when intentionally ignore making a correction given to us. The second is when we make an error in what we are doing. In the second case we will be given a correction to our mistake, we correct it and move on. We do not fuss or let our spirit be broken over it. Quite simply, a correction is just a correction and when we earnestly train we are continuously learning and growing from our mistakes as this is the process of training and developing. If you are putting in true effort there is no shame in the mistake, just get up, learn from it and try again.  That’s what one of the most influential inventors of the last century Thomas Edison did; he said he did not fail, he just found 10,000 ways that it will not work.  Finally, when making mistakes go easy on yourself and understand that you did what you did based on the level of understanding and consciousness in your life at the moment in time the mistake was made. If you truly did what you thought was best to do in that moment and it did not turn out in your favour, well it’s really not a mistake, instead it is an opportunity to learn and grow.  By Kohai Dianne Hadad 3rd Degree Black Belt, Renge Dojo Certified Professional Coach, Warrior Spirit Circle 647-203-4882 |  dianne.hadad@gmail.com The WARRIOR SPIRIT CIRCLE creates conversations for kids, parents and martial artists to discover their true self and embody their warrior spirit. Our mission is to share the practical wisdom from the classical martial arts virtues and philosophies to inspirit resiliency, confidence and vibrancy.