Week Three: Know Yourself and Know Your Truth Imagine going through life as a Daddy Longlegs Spider and everyone thinks you are a spider when in fact you are not!  Our friendly Daddy Longlegs is actually part of the Opiliones classification. Who knew?! Though many can say our crawly friend is a spider, does saying or thinking that actually make it true? The answer of course, is no.  Though commonly this happens for kids on the playground, one child calls another a name which can strike a child’s self esteem as hard as a punch to their gut. It’s hurtful the first time, but when they hear it over and over again it can start to penetrate. This kind of teasing and bullying behaviour can be countered when kids engage their Warrior Spirit mindset to defend themselves and protect their worth and their self-esteem.  Three ways to activate the Warrior Spirit:  1) Know Who You Are. Remember what your inner strengths are, and call upon these strengths to help you through these moments. Knowing who you are can increase your resilience to name calling because you get to decide who you are, not anyone else. You have the control to focus on and build your character strengths, and if the occasion arises that someone throw hurtful words at you, you can deflect with confidence. 2) Ask Yourself - “How true is this for me?” Just because someone says it is true doesn’t make it true for you. As a martial artist, we know what is true to us but sometimes it can get foggy. Taking a pause to ask yourself if this is true for you allows you to get another perspective. As martial artists we challenge ourselves to be a seeker of the “Truth”.  The truth is not one perspective, and it is certainly not someone’s cruel words they shout at you to get a rise out of you.  3) Share with Someone You Trust. When name calling happens, be courageous and share with your parents, teachers or caregivers so they can give you the support you need and take the appropriate actions.  Building resilience is part of growing up and truly growing yourself. When we know who we are and we know our truth, we raise our confidence and engage our energetic Warrior Spirit.  Here is a favourite ancient zen proverb to remember: By Kohai Dianne Hadad 3rd Degree Black Belt, Renge Dojo Certified Professional Coach, SHINE, Family Wellness Club SHINE Family Wellness Club creates a space for all members of the family to interconnect, grow and share with like-minded spirited people seeking to elevate the family’s consciousness, build confidence and resilience so they can enjoy a harmonious and vibrant life journey together.  Kids/Juniors and teen workshops, parent group coaching, and one-on-one coaching available. Want to learn more, book a 30 minute complimentary discover call now at 647-203-4882 or reach out at dianne.hadad@gmail.com.