It is important for us to realize that vulnerability and weakness are not the same. The energy of weakness is present when we find ourselves in a position where we don’t feel secure, we don’t feel strong, we don’t feel completely safe, and we try to hide it or we lie about it. Vulnerability on the other hand is when we are in the exact same position and we tell our truth about it. Being in a position of vulnerability is actually the ultimate strength. In this energy there’s nothing hidden, we are not pretending, there is nothing fake, there is no way to topple us. We have laid it all out on the table and there is nothing that can be said that will shake us. That is not to say that it is easy it may be the hardest thing we may be called upon to do, but in doing it we are stronger. We are centred and we are left standing in our power. Weakness lives in a very low vibration because we are hiding our truth. Vulnerability is high-vibrational; our strength is revealed when we are willing to tell our truth. Weakness is very concerned about the reactions of other people: • What do they think? • How will they react? • How can I avoid them being upset with me? Vulnerability doesn’t require action from other people. Vulnerability says: • “This is my truth.” Deal with it! Welcome to a new way of living By Algernon Williams