Understanding the Word 'Fight' 

Exploring the meaning we put in the word 'fight', and teaching kids about concepts such as bullying and self-defense. Teacher's and Parent's Activities:

To go along with the video, have the child complete the following activities:
Before watching the video:
1. Draw a picture of a kind of ‘fight’ you might have seen somewhere. Maybe it was on a show or a movie, a video game, sports or somewhere else? Is your picture going to be about a good kind of fight or a bad kind of fight? You can put the Chicken Wing Ninjas and Bizmo in it if you want. You don’t need to be a great artist, just do your best. When your drawing is done we will learn about what you put in it.
After watching the video:
2. The parent or teacher can ask about the drawing, or have the children divide into small groups and ask each other about the drawing, using the questions below. - Is your drawing about a people-harming kind of ‘fight’ or people-helping kind of ‘fight’? - Is your drawing a kind of ‘fight’ you feel good about? - Is the word ‘Fight’ a bad word, a good word, or a bit of both? - Can you explain why you think so?
*It’s ok of you can’t yet. *
The Chicken Wing Ninjas, characters and tools they use help kids understand and relate to various concepts, meanings and feelings that help them navigate conflict, interpersonal interactions and build a solid foundation upon which to grow and learn. Creator and artist: BasselsJ Producer: Alex Senson