Many of us are having a hard time as we transition from the old 3D earth to the new 5D earth. I am not even sure transition is the correct word as there is no smooth passage between the two. They are just so very different, polar opposites. The new does not fit into the constructs of the old. It is a different association to our reality. The world we are leaving the 3D world is one of huge contrast and duality. One where greed, judgment, victimhood, oppression, lack and fear rule. Where there can only be one right and so the other must be wrong. Where we hold ourselves so tightly to laws and truths that only serve to keep us down and controlled. On the other hand, the new 5D reality is one of unity, oneness and love, being present in the now moment. Where we can live side by side with differing viewpoints without conflict. Where we are all looking out for the common good. This is the new earth that we are creating at present and it is up to us to make it as wonderful a place as we can. The messiness comes when we try to mix or merge the two. When we try to understand one reality while standing in the other. It simply does not work they are just too far apart physically, emotionally, logistically and energetically. A person blaming and being judgmental, fearing a certain outcome standing in the 3D world cannot see any other way. They are “correct”, the other is “wrong”, it is the law, religion, or simply the physical truth right in front of their eyes... etc. And even if they are convinced of their “error” they then become the “wrong” one, they apologize, maybe, and the other becomes “right”. In that world it is rare for both to agree to have differing opinions and for that to be truly OK in a manner that still allows then to work / be harmonious side by side. And that is very different from what often happens in our world now, for us it’s: “OK that’s your opinion, let’s just agree to disagree” and then we go separate ways because it’s just too hard to work with someone like that. The separation may not always happen physically but if we check in with ourselves, I think we can feel that it happens energetically. Something changes when we are not on the same page with the person we are trying to communicate with. So, what do we do? I believe it is a steady energetic climb up to a certain point and then we tip over or jump off. We build our energy, we release our baggage, we do all that is required to raise our vibration and consciousness to that point and then we shift to something new. We get glimpses of the new but until we can hold our frequency at that level we will not live there. Until then I think it will pay us to always be conscious about where we and others are vibrating from, speaking from, acting from. Any topic spoken from a 5D point of view will be very different from the same topic spoken from a 3rd. Remember that when we are vibrating at a 3D frequency, we cannot see the world as 5D it is impossible until we raise our vibration. But when we are at 5D and we are dealing with someone in 3D we can see where they are. It is then our choice to look at the situation with understanding and compassion, to support them, but if necessary, to keep our own energy up to step away. The hard part is, as we oscillate between both worlds not to get sucked back into the world of conflict. But to hold our energy as high as we can. Respond to anger with kindness. I know that is so much easier said than done but that is our task. To work our way into as high a frequency as possible, and then attempt to stay there as long as we can. Of course, while we are doing our best with that, the universe is constantly showing us what is still to be released. But moment by moment choice by choice our task is to choose the highest response possible, to hold that high vibe, to live as much as possible in the new earth, until one day we realize that we have not dipped back into 3D for a while and we are there.
Algernon Williams