So often we are told that when we Awaken, Ascend, enter the 5D realm we will know everything, have access to all our alternate aspects, past present and future selves.
But there is a big step before we can get there.
To KNOW everything, we must first KNOW nothing and to Be everything, we must first BE nothing.
The only way to dip into this infinite pool of knowledge and being, is to be infinite ourselves. When we hold anything as true or real, holding any belief for longer than the present fleeting moment, we block ourselves from entering the world of the infinite. All ideas of self, who we are, what we do, where we come from, where we are going, why we are here. All the questions big and small must be left behind.
At this time, we are being asked to let go of all that we believe ourselves to be, all that we think we know. To stand in any given moment empty, with no direction, no purpose, no desire, and no illusions of outcome. To simply be. This however may cause a battle between our egos, whose sole purpose is to protect our sense of self, to set us apart from the rest, to identify us, and this new quest of letting go. We may find ourselves alternating from times of sitting in a void where nothing matters or makes sense. Where nothing seems to have any worth. And the opposite where we may become almost righteous, believing all our old beliefs, teachings and knowing’s are paramount and anyone who does not fall into place (Our place) is wrong. Say hello to an unbalanced EGO!
However, in the moments when we can completely let go, (and I am finding that this is in fact the hardest thing I have ever done), we will have access in that moment to all that we could ever want. We will be who in that moment we are required to be, with all the knowledge that is needed, to move instinctively in whichever direction we most need to go.
This is what surrendering is all about, letting go completely of all we thought ourselves to be, and letting in completely all that our higher selves knows us to be. This is living from a higher perspective. Many of us have believed that we have been doing this, but we have been doing it from a place of knowing, what we believe we know, and who we believe we are. Holding on to our teachings, our education, our past experiences, our titles, our vocations.
By definition if we are living from what we already know it cannot be new.
To step deeper, to move into a new way of living, in the new world, we must surrender all we held in the past and allow the infinite to step in. To stand in every moment empty in the void of the zero-point energy where there is both nothing and everything. All that can be is here for us to access when we surrender to it.
Our challenge is to look for where we identify with or are attached to ANYTHING and let it go. This does not mean that you cannot for example teach or heal, but can you let go of being a teacher or a healer. Can you instead simply in that moment when there is someone in front of you who is in need instinctively be and do what is necessary in that moment, to be the light you are, without any concern or attachment to the outcome and then simply walk away, open to who and what you may be called to be and do next.
Who knows you may unexpectedly sit down and giftedly play the piano which maybe, you did not know you could do moments before?
Welcome to A New Way of Living by Algernon Williams