As we step into November and move more fully into the new earth frequencies we will begin to gain more access to a new level of understandings that is essential to both our individual journey and also that of humanity.
There is one essential component that we must embrace to facilitate this move and that is, absolute neutrality, being open-minded. Our ability to suspend all judgment as the new unfolds all around us.
The basic definition of new is, produced, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time; NOT EXISTING BEFORE. If we know it, recognize it, or even feel we understand it, it cannot be new. If we look to this new world with old eyes, we will miss what is right in front of us, as the new earth is only just beginning to bleed through to our dimensional plane. Or better said we are just raising our energy up enough to witness and experience this new dimensional existence.
The way forward for us is simply to look at whatever presents with the eyes of a child, with youthful innocence and wonder at whatever materialises in front of us.
As we do this and maintain our childlike curiosity, we will begin to witness the magic all around us, as piece after piece of our divine plan will come rushing to meet us. Everything that we can possibly need and more will be provided. Once we come to understand that there is nothing to strive for, knowing that we are complete as we are, our days of stress, struggle and sacrifice will be behind us.
This is not to say that we can all sit back and riches will fall from the sky, but that as we observe and follow what is being shown to us, our paths forward will be graceful, calm and affluent as we are shown the way.
The energy of new earth is here for us now. We only have to open our eyes and allow it to guide us. If and when we are ready to surrender all the old, our lives will be transformed as openings will appear for us where once there were none.
Welcome to A New Way of Living By Algernon Williams