There is wisdom in this stillness Since the Lions Gate, many have been feeling a bit in the void once again, as if a pause button has been pushed. Interestingly it feels like we have been emptied out, each one of us experiencing our own unique life review. It feels like a preparation, a readying for the start of something big, something different, something new. As we enter into this new Consciousness, new timelines and dimensional transformations we are not yet familiar with how to operate in this new realm. That is why we are taking a moment to catch up, to assimilate and recalibrate to our new way of being. So, if you are feeling void of new creation, not to worry, allow yourself to be still as you absorb your new wisdom. We are still deleting remnants of the old while we discover, align and integrate the new workings of our True Self as Conscious Souls in our human bodies. This new wisdom is preparing us for our coming out, where we reveal our new lives, leading a new humanity, into the new earth, and the next stage of Creation. No photo description available.This is Not a small ask! Be gentle with yourselves, Let go and allow. Listen to your hear. Remember it’s all new so do not hold onto what you think you should be doing or feeling. There is so much going on energetically at the moment, both cosmically and internally. Be easy on yourselves, stay close to your heart, tell yourself “I love you” every moment that you can. Be still if that is what is called for and allow your new wisdom to penetrate the veils of your now outdated belief systems. For all of us, if it is known it is old. If it is familiar, if we can recognize it, then it cannot be new. Let us get ready for something completely brand new! Welcome to A New Way of Living Algernon Williams