There is no such thing as an ultimate truth beyond the understanding of truth as the idea unto itself. As we endeavour to let go of the concept of real, factual, tangible we begin to be more comfortable with other. We bring our power back from a truth that resides outside of ourselves.
Many of us would call ourselves truth seekers and indeed we are. It is, however, important to realize that the truth we seek is purely our own. We seek the states of being that totally resonate with our own heart. However, we must realize that this does not make these states ‘The Truth’. At most, they can be said to be our truth in this moment. As we realize this we then come to understand that our personal truth is no more valid than any other person’s truth.
Truth is not some Holy Grail that we seek. It is instead something more personal. It is a state of being, being all that we are. It is the ability to see the equality of all truths. To understand what this means is to see that truth is not a state of ideas; it is a state of being. Ideas are not alive; they are not being. Ideas do not make us happy; being happy makes us happy.
As we come to understand this distinction, we are freed from the search for an ultimate, mass objective truth. Such a truth cannot exist as it would invalidate free will. When we stop looking for this ultimate truth that will save us, we will find what we are really looking for; the understanding that truth is what we make it. The truth is a concept that at one time served us, but has now come to limit our idea of self.
Do not worship truth. Do not objectify truth. In any moment truth is no more, or no less, than what we decide it is.
Love truth as you love yourself; as an ever changing, ever evolving, beauteous expression of All That Is.
Welcome to A New Way of Living by Algernon Williams