The stone heiau at Pu’ukohola is one of the last major sacred structures built in Hawaii before outside influences altered traditional life permanently. Constructed in 1790-91 by Kamehameha 1, this heiau or temple, played a crucial role in the ruler’s ascendancy. He was believed to be destined to rule all of the Hawaiian islands, yet he was not able to lay claim to his home island of Hawaii because of opposition from his chief rival and cousin. Kamehameha sent his aunt to seek direction from the prophet Kapoukahi, who told her that Kamehameha would conquer all the islands if he built a large heiau atop Pu’ukohola- Whale Hill- at Kawaihae.Thousands of men camped out on the hills for nearly a year to work on the massive structure. Workers formed a human chain at least 20 miles long and transported the water-worn lava rocks hand to hand to the top of Pu’ukohola. No mortar was used. In the summer of 1791 the heiau was finished. By 1810, through conquest and treaties, Kamehameha the Great, builder of Pu’ukohola, was the revered King of all the Hawaiian Islands. He died in 1819 however the monarchy he founded lasted until 1893. Pu’ukohola Heiau is now a national historic site overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We were able to do Martial Arts at the site (but not inside the Temple). CMAC members are able to take advantage of these type of experiences, which can only be realized by participating. Not everyone can attend every event obviously, however seizing opportunity can often make a difference in anyone’s life.