• There is no one “out there”, everything we see is of our own creation, we are simply mirrors for one another to help us see ourselves more clearly.

• Time and space, relativity and even our relationships are a construct of our minds, they are the rules we agreed to play by, when we entered this portion of the hologram. What we call 3D.

• We are all pure source energy. While here in this realm we watch ourselves evolving as SELF. As separated beings coming back into oneness, all happening through us and at the same time observed by us, as our human story.

• We all exist in our own universes, each directing and starring in our own plays. Our plays overlap so that we can have other players to reflect back to us what we are experiencing. I am an actor in your play, and you are an actor in mine.

• There is nothing between us and Source except the power of our imagination. We have created all the stepping stones that exist between us and source, our higher selves, spirits, angels, other entities, channels, even the higher dimensions all created as projections of our consciousness to help us make sense of the power, greatness and infiniteness that we truly are.

• The Universe as vast as it is yields and transforms itself to accommodate our current view of “reality”

• Channelling of any entity apart from our Self is a part of a game of awakening and is simply us communicating with different aspects of ourselves in the collective that is source.

• We talk about the illusion that is our reality, but earth is real and not real at the same time. When in the game, the illusion, the matrix what ever one chooses to call it, all is real. We came to experience everything, so as we experience it, every emotion, every physical sensation, is very real. But at the same time from the stand point of the aspects of us who is the observer it is just a game, an experience, an illusion.

• Everything happens simultaneously including all of our lives, past & future. Time is a construct of this portion of the hologram. Without time we are left with only the now. Outside of this reality if time exists at all it would be more fluid as we would be able to play in different aspects of our being moving from one to the other at will. What we would now call time travel, and manifestation would be much quicker, if not instant.

• We are the energy, essence and the presence of Love playing in an illusion of separation, playing hide and seek as we move back towards our original state of Oneness.

Welcome to A New Way of Living
Algernon Williams