The paradox is simple, it is that we are both creator supreme in command of our universe, and at the same time we must give up any and all control.
That is, we are the creators or originators of any and all events in our reality, and yet powerless to effectively make tangible change once the moment of that event actualizes.
To explain. Yes we create our reality, and we are doing this in every moment of our life. However, at the same time in each individual moment as we come to it, the die has been cast, we have already created that moment consciously or not. Whether it was in the prior moment, as in “Abraha Kadabrah, and it appears, or an hour, a week, a month or a year, the creation moment must always precede the moment that our creation is made manifest.
Every moment we find ourselves in, is as we say, a done deal, and cannot be changed. Our only task then, is to accept what is in front of us as the outcome of our past creation coming into fruition, and to that end, respond to it the best we can. As we respond we have the choice to do so with a full awareness that even though our response cannot change that present moment, it is indeed creating a future present moment.
How we respond to any situation, even one that seems unwanted, is a chance to create a new, and different future. Our struggle is not to let ourselves be consumed by what is presenting, especially if it seems antagonistic. Not to let the creation of our past dictate our present response. In other words, not to react habitually, but to make different choices.
As we make different and new choices, we begin to create different and new realities. As we choose to live, act, respond from our hearts, we initiate and activate heart centred realities.
As we become more proficient at doing this, we will learn to accept everything that is placed in front of us, and then consciously and willingly as creators, celebrate it all. Creating newer, brighter, more loving realities as we go.
Welcome to A New Way of Living