A family wants son to be a monk. Mum says once you are a monk, you must cut yourself off from us completely. The son joins the Temple. But later, mum wants to see him. The Monk sends her letters back. Mum becomes blind, and still wishes to see her son, so she starts washing monk's feet at the side o f the road. She knows that the right foot of the son has a birth mark. - Mum washes monk's left foot. – The Monk does’t offer his right foot. - Villagers say that ingrate, was his son. - Mum runs to the river and is drowning in the Yangtzee - monk cries out Buddha do not deceive me, You have promised if I am faithful, the twelve generations will go to heaven. With that his mother dies and her soul went to heaven. - It’s like a job story.   Before you try to contact other energies - the Divine - you must know yourself thoroughly. You cannot connect with the divine properly if the tool you use is unhoaned. - So unlike Descartes's mind - the Eternal Mind depends upon the body. The body is the tool of the mind.

O'Sensei Kim Hanshi