This chapter explains how to construct your mold or model from which your future will emerge. It explains ways in which to do this which if faithfully and consistently carried out will result in conditions exactly in accordance with your purpose and thought.

  If you aim at the stars and fail, you can easily leap tall mountain, But if you aim at mountains and fail, you will stumble over small stones                                                                                                                              Old Chinese adage  

By visualizing, or holding a mental picture in our minds, we can surely bring the object of our focus nearer to us. We can be, what we will to be

It is important to visualize Ideal plans, which will eventually materialize in our objective world because seeing creates feeling creates being. First the mental then the emotional and the unlimitable possibilities of achievement.

The brain cells secures the material for the construction of your mental image. And each repeated action renders the image more accurate than the former one.

The law of attraction brings about the necessary conditions for the materialisation of your ideal into the objective world.


The necessary steps then are –

Earnest desire,

Confidant Expectation,

Firm Demand.

If we concentrate on loss and lack then loss and lack will manifest.

We must concentrate on the ideal that we want to see manifest in our lives.

Man is Mind, … He thinks in secret and it comes to pass – James Allen

Idealization => Visualization => materialization.


An index of Flexibility

  1. Those who have no awareness of their own behaviour, therefore there is no possibility of improvement.
  2. Those who resist when they are put under pressure, or feel threatened when shown a new/better thought/way.
  3. Those who wait and see, first resist, but the quickly adapt. – However the are still a little behind.
  4. Those who chose behaviour not based on the past but on what is most appropriate here and now.


Visualize a friend’s face.

See every detail.

Now extend your visualization to everything else about them.

Now talk with them, note their reactions.

Finally, make them laugh