This chapter concentrates on the ‘I’.

The I is not the body, The I is not the mind, The I is ontologically prior to both mind and Body, The I is the universal/Infinite.   The Welfare of each part depends on the recognition of maintaining the interest of the whole. The germ of defeat is in every selfish thought because the individual is a part of the universal. Thought is Spiritual energy, It is transmitted by the law of vibration, it is given vitality by Love, it takes Martial Kid - Classical Martial Arts Centre - Toronto Central Regionform through the Law of growth. The key to the creative power of thought is that it is a spiritual activity. By recognising our spiritual nature,we may develop faith, courage and enthusiasm wich will result in accomplishment. The secret of power is service because we get what we give and we have what we gave. As the Shaolin and Zazen people say seek the scilenceit is the first step to self control and self mastery. Still waters run deep, Thought is the secret of all attainment, Don’t overdo – seek the scilence frequently, One should be controlled by intellect, not by emotion, We canot be of service to others unless we are strong.  

Affirmation –

I can be what I will to be We judge a person’s wisdom by their hope, knowing that the perception of the inexhaustibleness of nature is an immortal youth. – Emerson.

Exercise –

Before you let go Physically, Now let go mentally.