The Chinatown district of Yokokama has been famous for its lively entertainment strip, which caters to the pleasure of tourists and servicemen. One hot summer night, not too many years ago, a seamen’s sayonara party was taking place in one of the clubs. Suddenly, the pleasantries of the party were interrupted by a large seamen storming into the bar. He was carrying a switch blade, opened, in his right hand. Shoving his way into the throng, he yelled out the name of his girlfriend whom he knew was there with his best friend. The place became deathly silent… the feeling of murder was in the air. Panic and fear took hold of everyone except one person. A famous Martial Artist, who had been quietly observing the furious sailor, leaned over to bar and whispered to the bartender to give him a sharp bread knife. The bartender surreptitiously complied. As soon as the Martial Artist had the knife, he screamed at the top of his voice, “Hey you, with the knife!” making a sound that could nearly shatter eardrums. At this, the startled seaman whirled around and stared at the Martial Artist at the end of the bar. Just at that moment, the Martial Artist hurled the long bread knife at the seaman; it stuck in the floor directly in front of him. The seated Martial Artist then intoned in a cam commanding voice, “Pick up the bread knife. You’re going to need it because I am going to kill you now with my bare hands.” Whereupon the blustering bully lost all his nerved and dropping his own knife bolted for the door and was never seen in that part of town. The gaiety of the party was immediately restored, as a hearty laugh was enjoyed by all. But the Martial Artist’s visit to the bar that night was never to be forgotten by the few who realized the enormity of what he did. He prevented a murder with nothing more than what Martial Artists call the True Kiai.  His is Richard Kim.