The art of Kintsugi (golden journey), also known as Kintsukuroi (golden repair), is the Japanese technique of repairing broken pottery by mending the breakage with lacquer mixed with powdered gold. The philosophy of the practice treats the damage and repair as part of the history of the object, rather than something to disguise. The symbolism of this practice speaks to the human experience. We all have a sense of self as whole and intact until an experience happens that wounds us, fracturing our perception of ourselves and potentially leaving us with a decreased sense of value. Physical and emotional traumas can leave us feeling internally shattered to our core. In the West,we often will desperately attempt to hide these scars, fearing we will be perceived as weak, damaged, or inept. Often we attempt to carry on as though everything is “fine”. We harden to our pain, resisting the nagging sense that we might never put ourselves back together. Emotional states of sadness, depression, anxiety, grief and anger are remnants of trauma, but when the appropriate environment is provided these states can become the gold to reform a new self that accepts the scars as part of an evolutionary stage of life. Pain is an unavoidable part of existence in this human form, however, it is the attitude and actions toward this pain that inform how we continue to live. Healing is neither a linear process, nor is it a process that happens in isolation. Everything is relational and it is through healthy relationship a sense of wholeness can return.
Cheryl Lewin, RMT, Counsellor This October will mark the 20th anniversary of my entrance into the profession of Registered Massage Therapy. I have had the great pleasure of working in so many varied environments.
Martial arts entered my life and from there I worked for myself through the Dojo’s Neighbourhood Wellness Clinic. As my training increased so did my confidence and I achieved great success ascertaining employment on the sets of feature films and television series. I decided to expand upon my knowledge of somatically stored trauma and enrolled and completed a Diploma of Psychotherapy. I continue my studies in this field and am in the process to attain the title of Registered Psychotherapist. My experience of working with the body and my deeper understanding of neuroplasticity, emotions and the mind work to inform my unique approach to health and healing. By appointment only 647 996 4330