Presenting the first short action film by Mr. Aguiar (Nidan) and Olivia St. Louis (I Kyu). I trust that you all enjoy our first short action film. We have worked very hard on this project and plan to create more short films in the future. It has long been a dream of mine to become a professional actress and it was during the first lockdown of covid-19 that I made the decision that I would pursue acting. It was also during the first lockdown that I decided I was going to learn martial arts, a skill I have always envied. I really had no idea how vast and great martial arts was until I finally stepped into the dojo in the fall of 2021.  After a year of acting classes and karate training I knew that I had made the right decision and that there was no going back and only going forward. Naturally I wanted to combine these passions. So I told my idea to Sensei and he offered to help. Sensei recommended that I ask Ian (a brown belt at the time) to work with me and that Ian could choreograph a great sequence demonstrating martial arts for film.  So I approached Ian (whom I’d been in class with for a whole covid year) and timidly asked if he would have any interest in creating a short film with me and Ian instantly said yes. Then Ian asked me what my name was again. I was thrilled that Ian was just as enthusiastic about the idea as I was. We immediately got to work on the choreography. Sensei gave us several ideas to start with and Ian took it from there. We performed a section of our own yaku soko kumite at the Chinatown festival 2022 and then performed the whole choreo at the Karate Christmas party 2022. We then started to film the short action in December of 2022 but it wasn't meant to be. We quickly learned that some of our sequences worked brilliantly and some needed work. We spent the better part of 2023 reworking the sequence until we were totally satisfied. We decided to use the dojo as our setting for our first film. In August of 2023 we finally filmed our fight scene with two film students from York University. We filmed for 8 hours straight! It was very exciting to see our work coming to life on screen. Ian and I are delighted to finally share our short film with you all. We hope you enjoy it and we are already planning our next short action film which we plan to shoot this coming spring. By Olivia St. Louis Cast: Olivia St Louis and Ian Aguiar Director: Sebastian Xavier Lennox 1st AD: Kyle KU Choreographer: Ian Aguiar
Fight Scene Experience The creation of this beautiful peace that I am so proud of is a dream come true. Ever since I fell in love with Martial Arts, I always wanted to create a scene, Video etc that involved it. When I was presented with this idea, I jumped right on it. I started working with my amazing Co-star Olivia, which means setting up extra training sessions after class, and meeting up outside of the dojo. It was not easy, I was heavily challenged with the choreography and making of the fight sequence. But after achieving this, it really opened up my creativity capabilities even further. While watching A martial arts movie a big majority of people don’t stop to breakdown the fight scenes, the main focus is that it looks cool. I am the opposite, I love breaking down fight sequences. But I never appreciated them enough, that is why after I was tasked with generating the choreography for this piece, and I underwent the struggles of coming up with ideas of what to add, which moves flow, and which moves connect with each other I understood. I understood the struggles and the amount of time and hard work that goes into creating something as short as this short piece. Especially now that I am studying Cinematography all the small things make up the film, just cause they’re small does not mean they are any less important. “Always appreciate the little things” is something that I am now starting to really comprehend. In the film industry you will find people you work well with and people you don’t, mainly because your ideas may be too different etc. In my case I conisder working with Sebastian & Kyle on this project an amazing experience. Both of them are amazing Cinematographers that really helped bring this vision to life, it’s not always easy finding people who you not only get along with, but also do an outstanding job at making the project look as good as possible, and show how dedicated they are to their craft. Lastly, I want to end this with one last thing. Sometimes when we have a desire for something to happen, you may not achieve it right away. Whether it’s getting a role in a play, making a school sports team, whatever it is it won’t always happen right away or on the first try. But patience is a virtue that will reward you in the long run, and if you are passionate about what you want to do it won’t matter how long it takes, or how many tries it takes you. Because in the end you will get there if you apply yourself and put your mind to it. By Ian Aguiar