For those of you who spend most of your day sitting, here are some exercises to help eliminate the chronic shortening of your muscles. Our goal is to minimize the shortening and tightening of the hip musculature that happens with sustained sitting postures. You should perform 2 stretches every 45 minutes. The first 2 images are set #1 (hip external rotation and hamstring stretch). The following 2 images are set #2, to be performed 45 minutes later. Simply alternate between these 2 sets throughout the day. Perform 2 reps of each stretch, holding each for 45-60 seconds. SET #1 a) Hip external rotation (stretch should be felt in the back of the hip) stretches for people who sit all day b) Hamstring stretch (stretch should be felt in back of thigh/knee) 1_2web SET #2: a) Hip flexor stretch (stretch should be felt in front of thigh that is positioned on the chair) 2_1web b) Rotational hip flexor stretch (stretch should be felt in stance leg and side of abdominals) 2_2web This information come to us from: Keenan Layton Physiotherapist, MPT Keenan Layton, Physiotherapist, brings his talents as a Manual Orthopaedic Physiotherapist to healthful.