Ask most of the Black Belts and they will tell you Patrice Wilson's Skill as a massage therapist. I myself see her every week, And rely on her and Joan to keep everything working as it should. Prevention rather than the pain of cure. Patrice is graduate of Sutherland-Chan and a member of the CMTO since 2004. Her passion is the need to help clients through providing them with the benefits of how massage therapy can help them in their busy lives. By taking a calm and comprehensive approach, She believes in preventative maintenance by assessing, treating and identifying problem areas to avoid injury and degeneration. As a massage therapist, She plays an essential role in multidisciplinary team at healthfx Sports Medicine Group through my skills in Swedish Massage and myofascial release and trigger point therapy.

First Visit only $85 for a 1 hr treatment - regular value $105.

Appointments to be booked from July 3rd to August 31.

To book:

or call: 416-960-4689

39 Pleasant Boulevard, M4T 1K2 Enjoy! Sensei