Often when we find ourselves confronted with a person, place or situation that is not what we wanted, we feel discomfort of some kind. It may be anger, fear, disappointment, hurt, or frustration. We may even feel lees than or un loved. We judge the outcome as right or wrong. We try to find who or what is to blame for this unpleasant outcome. And then we try to fix it, change it, manipulate it in some way so that we can feel better about the situation, the person and ourselves.
But does that really help us? If we truly believe that events happen FOR us and not TO us. That everything in our world is there to help us. To reflect what we need at that moment, to show who we are being. To teach us how to love unconditionally, which means how to love everything and everyone no matter what, without exception. If that is our task to love whatever presents, then maybe, instead of trying to change our emotions into different ones, running away from what may feel unwanted and unenjoyable. It would be helpful to try to remain unjudgmental about whatever emotion arises and try to simply rest in the discomfort of how we are feeling. As we allow any emotional state to be present, to simply be without a need to be in conflict with whatever seems to be the problem. Without any judgment of the situation or the sentiments that we have attached to it. Remembering that what happens outside of us in any given situation is not our concern. And knowing that the only thing we have any control over is how we feel, how we interpret and what we do about that situation. When we can strip all else away and simply sit in that discomfort, it shifts. The edge goes and we experience pure feelings without the baggage. The need to change, fix, manipulate and blame dissipates, and we find ourselves in a quiet place of feeling who we are truly being in that moment. This is a very important act of self-love which empowers us and give us room for choice. It affords us the space to let go, to release whatever it was that triggered our feelings in the first place. It lifts our spirits and increases our frequency, and bit by bit allows us to drop our baggage in a much easier and less tumultuous manner. Welcome to A New Way of Living