Earnest practice of the Six Paramitas enables you to walk the path to enlightenment. When you demonstrate perfection of virtues with whole heart and effort you access your higher state of being. At this level one is focused with their intentions and are motivated to create the life of their own choosing.   While mindfulness and effort are key, intention is necessary, otherwise you are cruising without clarity and you may be left feeling lost, uninspired or unmotivated. The second Paramita, sila, meaning discipline, is the act of focused intention and action, it is a performance standard and framework for striving and achieving your dreams in your life’s journey.  Simply, discipline is responsible behaviour.  It involves behaving with self-control, despite how we might be feeling or thinking at any given moment. The discipline we bestow upon ourselves is self-discipline.  Being self-disciplined means you can practice control of your own thoughts, feelings and actions. It is keeping your focus from distractions, and ignores the cravings or temptations around you. It is when the benefits of your goals or desired outcomes out-weigh the cravings or distractions around you.   The video below explains the importance of Self Discipline in your life. Author Jordan Peterson invites you to consider how “every freedom you have that is true to you is purchased at the price of discipline” and how you can manage your intent and actions.  By Kohai Dianne Hadad 3rd Degree Black Belt, Renge Dojo Mindset Coach, CPC, Warrior Spirit Circle 647-203-4882 |  dianne.hadad@gmail.com The WARRIOR SPIRIT CIRCLE creates conversations for kids, parents and martial artists to discover their true self and embody their warrior spirit. Our mission is to share the practical wisdom from the classical martial arts virtues and philosophies to inspirit resiliency, confidence and vibrancy.