Perhaps the singular focus of Budo. Concentration is calm yet intense focus that we apply in our physical, mental and spiritual practice so that we may penetrate through illusion to pure awareness. To overcome the subject object dichotomy so that there is no separation between the doer of an act, the act itself and the focus of that act. May my mind be clear, May I live fearlessly in the mind of rediness, May I rely on nothing, save emptiness. An explosive shout cracks the empty sky, Immediately clear self understanding. Swallow up Buddhas and ancestors of the past. Without following others, realize complete penetration. Dogen Maestro Peter Urban refers to bubonic laziness or shunting as the opposite of concentration.
  • It occurs when our lips say yes and our eyes say no.
  • It occurs when we squeeze the trigger yet blink and jerk the face away at the same time.
  • It occurs when someone looks away while punching someone in the face.
  • It causes car cashes, as shunting feelings evaporate our concentration feelings.
  • A classic example occurs when person A while having sex with person B is actually thinking about person C.
  • It is a curse.
Maestro Urban, considered the act of Shunting or partaking in bubonic laziness to be unforgivable. It is a general lack of mindfulness and a lack of joy in discipline.