Just as words have power so do actions, Students of Budo learn to reflect before they act and to refrain from destructive or harmful actions. Constructive actions have constructive effects, and vice versa. When your anger goes forth withhold your sword, When your sword goes forth withhold your anger. For a deed to be totally pure, it must be done without any thought of reward, weather worldly or divine, It is this kind of deed that is called a deed of merit. And because no merit is sought it is a deed of immeasurable or infinite merit. Thich Thein an In any given situation, Establish what your perception is of the situation, Then get your perspective on it, Only then should you take action. When you look at the difference between success and failure it is often just a question of perception. We should understand that Circumstances rule the weak, but they are the instruments of the wise. In CMAC we follow the credo of Bushi Matumura: Patience, tolerance and consideration.   His holiness expresses it this way. Do not express your anger, get it off your chest, vent etc. This only leads to more negative circumstances/conditions. When we exercise a muscle it grows stronger. So too, when we exercise our negative emotions. The antidote for anger is compassion. HH Dalai Lama