The need for proof is our recurring plea for certainty; the need for our eyes to see it in order for us to believe it is where most of us reside. We often fool ourselves saying we are believers, but when it really comes down to a crunch what is our fall back. Do we revert to the old tried and tested, the old known realities, even when they no longer serve us? Or do we really open ourselves up to the new the unfamiliar and the miraculous?
Proof is our greatest barrier between where we are living now and actually thriving from the vantage point of our higher selves. This is because the need for proof comes from the ego, our subconscious mind. “Prove it to me” is a defiant statement of the egoic unconsciousness. This need for proof, for certainty is so deeply ingrained in our mentality. In fact, it is really the scarcity and lack program rearing its head as the notion of something greater than what we know is intolerable. The need for our reality to be familiar, to be known, to fall into nicely packaged boxes, doesn’t allow our creatorship to flourish or the ability for us to open up to new possibilities. It blocks our desires, our imagination from going any further than being simple dreams in our head as we demand that the universe show us this new reality first before we can believe it and enjoy it. The universe as we all know intellectually now works backwards from the stand point of our unconscious minds. It asks us to be it, feel it, enjoy it before we see it in our outer reality. The demand for proof inhibits this process before it can even begin. Our higher selves will enlighten us with many things that can’t be proven to our unconscious minds. Will you let the habit of needing proof result in missing out on these new experiences? We can all talk a good talk, but it is time to look deep within and ask ourselves. Are we waiting for some form of proof? Are we truly listening to the voice of our higher selves? And are we then acting on it? Bringing that reality into our daily lives, trusting in the unknown, allowing for something new to be birthed. As we all wait expectantly for the NEW Earth, it is good to keep in mind that by definition if something is known it cannot be NEW! Welcome to A New Way of Living