The goal of this program is to continue to build core endurance. This program should be done twice per week. Volume increases every week. There is still an emphasis on good body control with the understanding that as fatigue develops near the end of each interval there will be some breaks in technique that the athlete must fight through.

  1. Single leg hip bridge – raise and lower hips Right leg
  2. Single leg hip bridge – raise and lower hips Left leg
  3. Side plank Left – raise and lower hips
  4. Side plank Right – raise and lower hips
  5. Swiss Ball Walkout 6. Plate hold 7. Walking Lunge 8. Single leg standing row 9. TRX pull ups 10. TRX tucks 11. Donkey Kicks Right
  6. Donkey Kicks Left
  7. Lateral lunge – Body weight only
  8. Shuffles 15. Back Extension hold 16. Plank – raise one leg alternate legs every 3s
  9. Split jumps

Week 1 perform 2 circuits with work time of 1x80s; 1x45s and rest time of 15s Week 2 perform 1 circuits with work time of 90s and rest time of 15s Week 3 perform 2 circuits with work time of 1x90s; 1x40s and rest time of 15s Week 4 perform 2 circuits with work time of 1x90s; 1x45s and rest time of 15s