Pain Relief ⸙ Renewed Energy ⸙ Clarity of Mind
  • Are you suffering from tension, pain, overwhelm, or exhaustion?
  • Do you like the idea of yoga or meditation, but find you just never have enough time, or your mind is just too busy?
  • Have you achieved a certain level of success personally or professionally, but still feel that something is missing?
  • Are you great at taking care of others, but find it difficult to make time for yourself?
  • Yoga Therapy will allow you to discover gentle and accessible ways to reconnect with your inherent clarity, wisdom, ease, freedom and wellbeing.
  • No previous yoga experience required.Join me for 4 personal sessions to address your individual physical, mental, emotional and/or lifestyle needs. In the first session I will provide you a fully personalized yoga practice and provide you with drawings so you can easily continue at home. You will be asked to do the practice regularly at home (about 20 minute short practices) to observe the tangible benefits of yoga therapy. We will then meet every few weeks to assess progress and adapt the practice as needed.Introductory offer: 4 sessions for $300To register or for more information, e-mail me at page2image36114288
  • ⸙ Benefits of Yoga Therapy ⸙ Physical Benefits You will feel stronger and more flexible after every exercise. Any aches and pains you may feel will decrease as you stretch through them. Stress-reduction The calm breathing exercises, gentle motions, and meditative benefits of yoga can help calm your nervous system and help treat any psychological distress you may feel. Improved Circulation Better circulation not only lowers your blood pressure and your risk of heart disease, it also increases oxygen flow to your brain, improves your mood, and helps you think more clearly. Emotional Benefits A greater peace of mind comes to just about everyone who performs yoga and this gives you access to new and healthier coping mechanisms. When starting to feel stress, you can turn to the calming breathing exercises inherent in yoga. Increased Self-Discipline Learning how to say “no” to harmful habits is challenging, but committing to yoga can give you the discipline you need to start building healthier, nourishing practices in your life.
    Looking forward to working together! Paula Vital