Last month felt like we were in a holding pattern, back in the void as we integrated new higher frequencies. This month we begin to embody and so bring them into form. Slowly at first but non the less we will begin to see more forward motion. As we move through this month many of us will be stepping up into and beginning to embody new frequencies with new gifts, new levels of self and new roles in our communities. We are returning ourselves to the fullness of who we came here to be. And so, out with the old, in with the new continues to be the theme this month. Our focus, and this seems redundant as we have been working on this for as long as we have been waking up. Which has all been in preparation for NOW is: 1) Be mindful to notice old habits and patterns and then make different choices 2) Leave behind our old flow, more than patterns but who and what we believe our journey here is, even who we think we are, and then to create a new flow, whatever that entails This is how we re-build our Higher Mind and merge more with our high heart. Creating ournew way of living each time we step beyond the illusion, overriding our core wound, merging with our Highest selves. And as we do everything of love that we put in motion can now be made a reality as we become a vibrational match to those thoughts, feelings & desires born of love. As always, but increasingly as we end this year moving into 2020, anything that is blocking our creative expression, any attachments will continue to be highlighted and expunged at warp speed in order to purify every level of our being to the purity of divine love. We are readying ourselves for everything that these new frequencies have to offer. It is a moment by moment task and when we fall and get trapped in the illusion self-love is our way out. Make different choices, chose love, allow a new flow. And as you do, all else if you let it, will evaporate into the mist. Welcome to A New Way of Living by Algernon Williams