Classical Martial Arts Centre Renge Dojo SAFETY PROCEDURES FOR PREVENTION OF COVID-19 Preparing to come to Class:
  1. All members must confirm their schedule via Email. (
  2. At this point we are only reopening for the Adults, so there will be roughly 1/3 of the students coming to the Dojo, compared to usual.
  3. Due to the Social distancing requirements we can only have 18 students in the Dojo at a time, (Including the newly expanded warmup area).
  4. All classes (only 2 per evening), have been scheduled 15 min apart.         
  5. All students must come to class in their uniform as all change-rooms are currently off-limits.
  6. If you are uncomfortable coming to the Dojo at this point, our ZOOM feature will remain available.
  7. All students must wear a mask before entering the Dojo And while not actively engaged in class.
  8. Students must bring a bag in which to place their shoes, jacket etc.
  9. If you are unwell or display any symptoms Please DO NOT COME… STAY HOME and use the Zoom feature instead
Upon Arrival:
  1. Please arrive about 5 -10 mins early
  2. A signal system has been put into place. We ask that you remain outside maintaining your social distancing and wearing your mask, when the red ‘PLEASE WAIT’ sign is displayed in the window. When it is changed to the green ‘COME IN’ sign, please come in.
Entering to the Dojo:
  1. Once the Instructors are ready to let you in, the main door and the interior doors will be propped open. Students will have 5 minutes to undergo the following:
  2. Students will enter one at a time as directed by the Instructors
  3. Each student will be required to sanitize their hands and have their temperature taken with an infrared thermometer at the door before being invited into the Dojo.
  4. If a student is shown to have an above normal temperature, they will be asked to return home.
  5. Masks must be worn in the entrance warm up and restrooms, unless medically unable to wear one. (Asthma, etc.)
During class:
  1. After being admitted to the Dojo floor, students will be directed to one of the physically distanced training zones, and place their bag in a spot along the wall that is easily accessible to that zone.
  2. To prevent hyperventilation and dehydration, during portions of vigorous exercise, the mask may be removed if the student finds that it inhibits proper breathing, as long as the student stays in their marked zone. Masks can still be worn during less intense portions of the class.
  3. Physical distancing will be strictly controlled during all aspects of the class.
  4. We have taped the Dojo floors to create (6ftx6ft / 2m x2m) zones.
  5. Small shared targets, kicking shields and the Heavy bag, will not be used until further notice.
  6. If a student requires the washroom, Every student will be required to wash their hands thoroughly after a visit to the facilities and before they return directly to their designated zone.
Leaving the Dojo:
  1. At the end of class, students will be given 5 minutes to leave the Dojo. (Please do this efficiently so that we can clean the Dojo for the next class).
  2. Students will first put on their masks, collect their bags, then be dismissed one at a time as they bow out the door
  3. Students will then exit the same door as they came in.
Risk Assessment Screening Questions
1.      Do you have any of the following symptoms which are new, or worsened if associated with allergies, chronic/pre-existing conditions such as:
·      A new or developing cough? q Yes q No
·      Shortness of breath? q Yes q No
·      Sore throat or difficulty swallowing q Yes q No
·      Runny nose, sneezing, or nasal congestion? q Yes q No
·      Nausea or upset stomach? q Yes q No
·      Are you feeling unusually tired? q Yes q No
·      And aches, pains or chills? q Yes q No
·      Do you have a Fever? q Yes q No
2.     Have you returned to Canada from outside the country (including from USA) in the past 14 days? q Yes q No
In the past 14 days, at work or elsewhere, while not wearing appropriate PPE:
3.     Have you had contact with anyone with a respiratory illness, or a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19? q Yes q No
4.     Have you had contact with anyone with a respiratory illness who returned from travel outside Canada in the 14 days before they became ill? q Yes q No
  • If answer is NO to all questions from 1 to 4, and they show normal temperature, THEY CAN BE ADMITTED.
  • If answer is YES to any question from 1 to 4, they WILL BE ASKED TO RETURN HOME.